Your tags become Agile

Change your tags, not your web application

Schneider Electric Tag Manager Configurator

Thanks to its unique technology,
Schneider Electric Tag Manager is the most agile Tag Management System ever made for Web Analytics.

It allows to:

  • Visually select in page an action to track or a value to record with Chrome extension XTag Selector,
  • Take the full control over tag names or use predefined patterns,
  • Catch all changes and control tag raising,
  • Track all dynamic technologies (Ajax, Angular, Vue, React...) without embedded code,
  • Track visitor origin (internal network or external),
  • Track user interactions with embedded YouTube videos,
  • Record visitor id, searches, sales, heat maps...,
  • Unique dual tracker: setup once, tag twice (AT Internet + Google Analytics),
  • Simulate tags before tag manager implementation,
  • Visualize all tags before they are sent, catch them with interpreted details, displays CTA charts and directly access collected data with Chrome extensions XTag for AT Internet, or XTag for Google Analytics,
  • Switch automatically on sandbox collector (unrecognized host),
  • Test different tag versions before publishing in production,
  • Create your marking plan as Test Cases list.
Always without development on application side!

With its powerful configurators (lightweight Excel add-in or cross-platform application Window/Linux/OSx with users management), helped by a contextual assistance, most of these features can be setup without technical knowledge.
And with its Object Oriented API (pure Javascript), there's no specific case, no measure and no technology that cannot be tracked.

Data Extractor Technology


Tag Management Systems Data Layer

Tag Management Systems require Data Layer

Schneider Electric Tag Manager autonomy

Schneider Electric Tag Manager is autonomous


User Stories

Tags without impediments

Global search

Global Search

Ajax doesn't matter

Global search uses Ajax technology, that doesn't trigger load event when results are changed. An headache with all TMS, not an issue with SETM Trigger Control.


Frequently Asked Questions

Various URL don't matter

The same FAQ content can be reached with various URL formats. Manageable for SEO, but a consolidation nightmare with all TMS: solved in a couple of minutes with SETM Configurator

Related Products

Related products

Dynamic CTA doesn't matter

Product datasheet proposes related products popup, dynamically creating new actions to track. SETM Configurator catches them with just an instruction on triggered action.



Angular doesn't matter

JavaScript frameworks bring amazing flexibility to web applications, but require embedded code to track dynamic contents... not necessary with SETM Trigger Control: all changes can be spied.